Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Fallen Troll

hey guys !!
HUH ! it a quite long that i leave this space..
Actually this is the only way for me to express myself..

I think i'm a loser (its make sense right ?)
Life is not all about rainbow and sun shine...... right ??
sometime it can be rain or maybe storm
but in me its all about being the last one and in the dark side.. ( maybe because i'm black HAHAHA fake laugh )
Shit happen in life but for me it always be shitty

I'm stepping into new world
but, I make the wrong first step n drag me down..
its effect my life so hard..
I'm still thinking and searching for the great way to born back
Crawling up and get out from this hell and go to heaven

My love one get sick.
I'm screw up.
My life is suck !

Allah please pull me out from this misery
Give me the light so that I can leave the dark behind.
Give me happiness so I can say good bye to the sadness
Please give my love one good health so they can live normally

lets enjoi this song! HAHAHA
xde kene mngne LOL
its just I love this song n maybe because Katy =)

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