Sunday, August 28, 2011


Wow !! Today the day that all of us meeting again after the last 9 years we search for our on reason standing in this earth..

I still can remember our childhood while I'm writing this blog...
each face of each of u still in my memory..

The time we taking a BCG injection.. HAHAHA so funny !!
the time Kobeng fall into a parit after tuition class,,
camping at Padang Jelutong.
sports day.
eating nasi lemak from cik sal stall HEHEHE
playing ping pong in our class room
make fool of each other
Our visit to angsana ~~
Damn !! its all still in my thrash mind...
smell when we go to school at the early morning still fresh..
I still can smell it... Feel so good..
I wish if I can go back to the past..
HAHAHAHA Fuck what I'm talking about right...?
we will have our own family soon or later..
but I hope that we will still us same just like we are from the past
play, smile and never felt fuck up HAHAHA
feel free ~~
I love all of u guys
u guys are AWESOME !!


  1. ples remove my piccaz at the gazebo..ples,ples..tanxs ; )

  2. tanxs dude.u remember everythig kah? did u? haha..