Monday, May 28, 2012

Hari Raya planning

Ramadhan is just around the corner. After that 
Hari Raya Aidilfitri pulak menjelang. HAA!! ni yg nk heboh and hebah-hebah kn ni !!
Ak ader buat satu project untuk raya ni.. ak ader kuih baru.. dari ak sendiri.. Alhamdulillah dpt gak ak kuar kn kueh gne nme ak sendiri.. Thanks to my lovely family and my friends.
Tak lupa juga kpda my lovely tecik ( Siti Nadiah binti Abd Hadi ) dan juga to all my business partner in Score A program.

maaruf gift & cookies
Akan memeriahkan hari ANDA

Monday, January 30, 2012

The Rising Of the Troll

hello fellows !
Huh ~~ after i'm straggling for a few months...
the result make me happy.. its so awesome !! hahahaha

Beside that, I also can enjoy my life of skate..

"The Light" that been given to me make me realise that it is always a light if u can survive the darkness =D
hahahahaha bajet omputih je la kn...
saje nk gempak2 skit...

Tapi tol laa kn... klau kte asyik focus kat mslh... APTB .. =p

some people said teamwork make dreamwork.. I belief on it..

just a simple kate2 ak setelah lame ak tinggal kn blog ni...
nway sila laa datang ke office ak pada jumaat ni 3HB FEB 2012..
Chinese New Year party...
(ader makan2 n lion dance)
Taman Impian Emas, JB
nk g contact ak dlu kang xpasal xcukup lak..
tempat terhad =)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Fallen Troll

hey guys !!
HUH ! it a quite long that i leave this space..
Actually this is the only way for me to express myself..

I think i'm a loser (its make sense right ?)
Life is not all about rainbow and sun shine...... right ??
sometime it can be rain or maybe storm
but in me its all about being the last one and in the dark side.. ( maybe because i'm black HAHAHA fake laugh )
Shit happen in life but for me it always be shitty

I'm stepping into new world
but, I make the wrong first step n drag me down..
its effect my life so hard..
I'm still thinking and searching for the great way to born back
Crawling up and get out from this hell and go to heaven

My love one get sick.
I'm screw up.
My life is suck !

Allah please pull me out from this misery
Give me the light so that I can leave the dark behind.
Give me happiness so I can say good bye to the sadness
Please give my love one good health so they can live normally

lets enjoi this song! HAHAHA
xde kene mngne LOL
its just I love this song n maybe because Katy =)

Sunday, August 28, 2011


Wow !! Today the day that all of us meeting again after the last 9 years we search for our on reason standing in this earth..

I still can remember our childhood while I'm writing this blog...
each face of each of u still in my memory..

The time we taking a BCG injection.. HAHAHA so funny !!
the time Kobeng fall into a parit after tuition class,,
camping at Padang Jelutong.
sports day.
eating nasi lemak from cik sal stall HEHEHE
playing ping pong in our class room
make fool of each other
Our visit to angsana ~~
Damn !! its all still in my thrash mind...
smell when we go to school at the early morning still fresh..
I still can smell it... Feel so good..
I wish if I can go back to the past..
HAHAHAHA Fuck what I'm talking about right...?
we will have our own family soon or later..
but I hope that we will still us same just like we are from the past
play, smile and never felt fuck up HAHAHA
feel free ~~
I love all of u guys
u guys are AWESOME !!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

skate idol !!

Mike Valley

Paul Rodriguez

Ryan Sheckler

Nyjah Huston

Mike Mo Capaldi 

Pj Ladd

Saturday, July 16, 2011

teki-teka di hari Sabtu

1) Banyak2 stadium.. stadium mne yg paling kecik?

2) Knpe pengadil bagi kad merah kad player yg buat slh yg besor?

3) Spe yg kejar bola tpi xpernah nyer nk dpt?

Perah otak kowg k... hehehehe
lepas perah sampai kering bagi jawapan 2 kat ak nyer FB k?
jawapan nyer akan ak bagi slps itu hehehehe
kowg ley jawab soalan yg mne yg kowg suke..
pilih je cm kueh raye

Monday, June 20, 2011


Hidup seriously mcm lilin nie... Lilin ader laa kte...
api itu adalah mse...
api akan terus mmbkr lilin itu...sehingga laa abis di bakar bermakna smpai stu je laa hayat lilin itu...
hayat nya bergantung pada panjang lilin dan saiz
sme cm manusia
sme juga ngan
Hubungan Manusia
xmungkin akan kekal hubungan itu....bergantung pada masa dan juga manusia itu